How to mic a Leslie cabinet

An alternative way to mic a Leslie tone cabinet on a Hammond B3 organ

I recently did a 3-day workshop at a Southern Baptist church in Little Rock that had a second Leslie tone cabinet located in a closet for isolation from the stage. They didn’t like the sound of a pair of SM57’s on the Leslie, so I substituted an inexpensive figure-8 condenser mic (a CAD 179) and it sounded fantastic.

Many of you may not know that a figure-8 mic is a great way to mic a Leslie. Just orient the figure-8 pickup pattern so points up and down with the cancellation node pointed directly at the cabinet. Move the mic up and down a few inches to get your desired balance between the high frequency horn and the low frequency bass rotor.

And it works pretty well on a live stage. Since the figure-8 pattern puts the null pointing at the band, it does a reasonable job of rejecting sound from the rest of the stage.

Here’s a graphic of the setup.






































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