Sound Advice – Cable Wrapping

Cable Wrapping 101

 One of the most important things you can learn is how to wrap cables for your sound system. A properly wrapped cable will not only lay flat without any loops to trip your musicians, but the wire itself will last longer since there’s less stress on the conductors. And that means fewer sound failures during a worship service, something we can all aspire to. Perhaps the most common method is called an over-under shop wrap. This proceedure pre-twists the wire clockwise and counterclockwise with each loop, so the cable will lay out without any twists.

Start with the male XLR connector in your left hand and make a clockwise loop of the cable with your right hand.

Make a full circle and catch the cable in your left hand to complete the “over” loop.

Now move your right hand out about 2 feet along the cable and start pushing back at your left hand a bit, twisting the cable counterclockwise in your right hand.

Bring this new loop under the front edge of the newly forming coil.

Catch this new loop with your left hand to complete the coil.

Start again with the over loop…. then an under loop… then an over loop

Rinse…. Repeat
Once you’re finished with all the loops, use a Velcro cable lock to keep it from uncoiling.

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