One thought on “Neutrik reversible XLR

  1. I was always looking for the correct gender 1/4 TRS to XLR adapter, whether it be for an bass amp with TRS out, or patching TRS on a snake to an amp input or an active speaker. This is also great where one may have different consoles where one console is all XLR out and the other is mixed XLR and TRS. This ‘convertible” XLR made life quick and easy, also reducing the number of adapters I needed to carry. I’m a little one man company, and made up six. Since these adapters are mostly behind the scenes, I used a variety of colored cables – so they are easy to find should they get put away incorrectly. Now I just stick my hand in the box, grab one, and I always know it is the correct cable gender for the application. Expensive? Yes. Well worth it in terms of reduction in inventory, and speed of setup.

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